Top Clause in Microsoft SQL Server

While the list makes a lot of sense, it misses out on one perspective – the number of jobs that exist today for the relevant database skill. If you are using the TOP clause along with the ORDER BY clause, the TOP clause is applied to the ordered result set. The TOP clause allows you to specify how many results are returned in your query. When you use TOP in conjunction with INSERT, UPDATE, MERGE, or DELETE, the referenced rows are not sorted in any particular order.


In this case returning a large number of records might impact the performance. Because the order of rows stored in a table is unspecified, the SELECT TOP statement is always used in conjunction with the ORDER BY clause. Therefore, the result set is limited to the first N number of ordered rows.

Using DELETE Statement with TOP Clause

In the syntax, we have to assign the value to ROWNUM in the WHERE clause. The value denotes the number of rows to be shown from the top in the output. In the syntax, we have to specify the value after the LIMIT keyword. Lets us see examples for Top Clause in  Microsoft SQL Server, for this we create a database. Due to the similarities, you can learn SQL Server then switch to Azure as needed. SQL from A to Z in SQL Server is a great track to get you started if you want to start learning SQL for a Microsoft product.

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  • In that case, it is recommended to use TOP with an ORDER BY clause specified in a subselect statement.
  • FETCH specifies the number of rows to return after the OFFSET clause has been processed.
  • So if the 5th top record is a tie, then all records in this tie position would be returned by the SELECT TOP statement.

He begins with a quick dive into creating tables and how to manipulate data inside them before moving on to retrieving information. The Structured Query Language or SQL as it is more popularly known is the language for interacting with databases. basis sql While the world may be divided on how to pronounce it, everyone seems to agree on the importance of SQL especially in this age of big data and business intelligence. ALTER TABLE allows you to add or remove columns from a table.


However, in real life, you may need to work with semi-structured data such as JSON or XML that are more like documents. First released in 1989, SQL Server is a popular Microsoft database offering in the market. SQL Server is a paid database; it garners corporate support due to the Microsoft brand name and the compatibility support for other Microsoft applications. Oracle, the company that owns MySQL, also offers paid versions of MySQL with additional features and support. Subscriptions vary from 2,000 USD a month to around 10,000 USD a month. If you are a student using MySQL only for personal use or learning, you can download a free version and you are good to go without paying a penny.


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