We Supply a Wide Range of Flavors

From Gedeo and Sidama Regions

Coffee Sources

We supply a wide range of flavors from Gedeo and Sidama Regions. These regions are well-known for producing the sought-after Yirgacheffe and Sidama coffees.

Our coffee from the Gedeo Region is mainly from Gedeb and Yirgacheffe Districts.


Coffee Processing

  • Natural (Sun-dried)
  • Washed

Coffee Types

  • Specialty
  • Commercial (on demand)

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Our Coffees

  • Dumerso

    Yirgacheffe A

  • Haru

    Yirgacheffe B

  • Hafursa

    Yirgacheffe C

  • Edido

    Yirgacheffe D

  • Koqe'

    Yirgacheffe E

  • Konga

    Yirgacheffe F

  • Arramo

    Yirgacheffe G

  • Gedeb A & B

    Special GDB

  • Sidama A & B

    Special SDM


Gurdshola, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia